Welcome to ChassisPHP!

ChassisPHP, pronounced Cha-see P H P, is a PHP framework designed to support and simplify the development of brouchure-type websites. We are an opensource project supported and developed by volunteers. If you find a problem with ChassisPHP, or find functionality that is missing, please add it as an issue on the main project. If you are so inclined, submit a pull request with the change or fix. We welcome YOUR help! The main project is here: https://github.com/ChassisPHP/ChassisPHP


We recommend that you install ChassisHPHP using Composer. The skeleton app is a great starting point fro getting up quickly. Assuming you have Composer installed and set up on your development box:

    composer create-project -s dev chassisphp/chassisphp-skeleton [project directory name]

replace [project directory name] with the directory name of your project

       php -S localhost:8080